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Another Monday

Apparently Mondays are the best day for me to post on my new blog πŸ™‚

Adoption Update: We are scheduled to meet with our SW twice next week – once at her office and once at our home for our pre-placement home visit. I finally got our pics up to our lawyer’s office – now they are putting pics into our profile. That should be done by the end of this week. Then I have to print 15 copies of it and they will place it on their website (after our HS approval). Our SW said we should be approved and “on the list” by August 1. We’ll be #13 on “the list.” I don’t know if that will be good or bad for us – is it a lucky or unlucky number?!?

Home Update: The baby’s room (which we just started calling it last week) is done except for a curtain rod and some molding. Our room is half finished – only half needs painting, and half of that half only needs a second coat. The dining room – ugh, the dining room. I started stripping wallpaper and there’s FOUR layers! So I’m stripping wallpaper so I can base coat and paint. The front room just needs a new coat of paint (but DH has to move the heavy furniture away from the wall first!). Then we need new carpet throughout. None of these will prevent our homestudy from being approved (well, as soon as I replace the electric outlet covers, anyway!).

Family Update: The hubby is fine from his accident, but his truck is totalled. So now in addition to paying for our adoption stuff, we have to buy a new truck. Here’s really praying that God will provide through insurance enough to get a new truck (and maybe some extra for the adoption!). My mom had surgery last week and I got to play nursemaid. It was surreal taking care of her -I don’t feel like I’m old enough to take care of my mom yet. I know I’m ready for an infant (I think) but I certainly wasn’t ready for that. I’m thrilled, though, that mom came through all fine and will heal shortly.

Personal Update: School starts in little less than a month and I’m really not ready. I mean, I could walk in and teach, but I don’t want to yet. On the adoption front, I’m excited we’re almost done with the homestudy process and ready to be on to the match process. I keep telling people it’s like matchdotcom. It could be days or months before we are matched. We’re praying that it’s somewhere in between :). Around Christmas would be nice!! I think I’m ready to be a mommy. At night, when the house is quiet and the hubby and the pets are all asleep, I really wonder, though, am I truly ready? I’m pretty selfish, I think. Will I really want to get up in the middle of the night? Am I ready to get rid of my “adult” life (staying up all hours, reading whatever I want, watching whatever I want, going out to eat whenever we want…)? During the day, I say “YES” without hesitation, but secretly, in the deep dark night, I’m afraid. Do pregnant women ever feel this way? Yesterday I journaled everything that is “on my plate” right now. It’s no wonder I am stressed out by everything. But today started as a brand new day, and I feel better…a little, anyway!

One thought on “Another Monday

  1. in response to your last questions about whether pregnant people ever wonder if they're really ready… i haven't ever been pregnant myself, but I've talked with a LOT of other people who have been and I can pretty much guarantee that everyone has had those thoughts at one point or another. even AFTER the baby arrives. you are not alone. πŸ™‚

    it's nice to find your blog. we're at about the same point in our own adoption journey! if you're interested in reading my blog, it's at http://riftraft.jayandcarissa.com



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