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What a Weekend

Thank God it is Monday. How often do people really think that?

On Friday, early in the AM, DH and his mom left for a simple six hour drive to Alabama to visit family. I stayed behind to take care of our pets. My mom had decided to come over to spend the holiday with me so we could have some “girl” time.

DH called about 11:30am to tell me they had been in an accident. There was either construction or another accident clean-up (we’re not sure which) and he had stopped and actually pulled over to the left shoulder. Well, a young girl on her cell phone came barreling down the hill, shoved a car out of her way and smashed into DH’s steel pick-up truck. Thank God she hit the rear passenger side. But the bumber was twisted under, the exhaust pipe shoved into a tire, and the tailgate won’t open because the camper shell twisted. Plus the whole bed was shoved into the cab. DH hit his head and bruised his chest (seatbelt) and because he saw it coming, his arms hurt from bracing for impact. DMiL tore a muscle in her shoulder when she was jolted against the seatbelt.

Long story short, the state police came, things were worked out, our insurance company ROCKS, but DH & DMiL had to spend about six hours on Friday in a Huntsville area hospital. No major injuries, which is good, just sore muscles.

I didn’t really believe DH was fine until I saw him myself last night. Needless to say, I didn’t really sleep all weekend. I was concerned about his safety and his health. With the rash of celebrity deaths from things like a bump on the head, I was worried.

I’ve been working really hard on not worrying. I realize I worry too much and God commands us to not be anxious about anything. And with adoption being such an out-of-my-control experience, I think I’m getting a little better. *maybe* BUT, knowing my love was hurt and I couldn’t do anything about it…I think that justifies a little worry.

To add another layer to this is now we need a new vehicle. We are barely scrapping together enough cash to pay for the adoption, not to mention begging God we only have to be matched one time so we aren’t out $1500 for every birthmom we meet. Now we add to that the need for a new vehicle. We’re going to have to take out a loan. Grrrr…the only debt we have currently is my student loan and our mortgage. That’s it! We’re Dave Ramsey disciples…but we may have to get a loan. Sure, we have our emergency fund…but it’s going toward the adoption. We’ll have a very small emergency fund leftover. But the majority of our cash reserves is going toward the baby.

Life is overwhelming. But it’s Monday…new week…new chances, right?

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