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Welcome to My Blog

Hello, my name is Rachel. I am infertile.

If this was a meeting, this is where you all would say, “Hello, Rachel.”

“Infertile” is such a harsh word. In biblical times, the word was “barren.” I’m not sure I really lik either of them, though. What it means is I feel like less than a woman. How can God design women to have babies, and marriage to produce babies, and two faithful followers can’t fulfill His designs? It definitely sucks.

I hope to use this blog to sort of sort through my feelings. I have no idea if anyone will ever read it, but this is the first step – writing it all down.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to My Blog

  1. the first time a doctor's office asked me if i was calling about “infertility” it made me bawl. In my head, I'd been thinking of it as “fertility issues” because adding those nasty two little letters at the beginning (“in-“) just seemed so… FINAL. and sad. and when i heard them for the first time in reference to us…. it was very hope-crushing. one of the bloggers i read almost always writes the word as “(in)fertility” and i like that. (her baby journey blog is at http://bohemiangirldesigns.blogspot.com )


  2. i think your blog is amazing, and shows your strength and your beauty. i hope many women come here and are encouraged. God is good, somehow even in the midst of our grief. and it's painful to realise He works for good even when the things that have happened have caused us so much pain…i am glad you trusted Him. He always had a baby in mind for you to be mummy to, and a beautiful plan for your family 🙂 wishing you every happiness x


  3. i just discovered your blog and i'm enjoying it. i just had my first baby- a girl! she is three months old. however, i attended a bible study recently where a woman was there who is, essentially, barren. i could see the pain all over her. i wasn't the only mom there with small children. i wondered how she could stand it. i had no idea what to say. how to comfort, how to encourage her? she stated as confidently as she could that it would happen in God's time. i couldn't agree wholeheartedly because, well, maybe it would never happen for her. i believe God can, but i couldn't be sure He definitely would, you know? so, i thought of saying something about adoption, but the Lord stopped me. i am sure i am totally ignorant in these matters and that's why i searched “barren woman blog” today. i cannot imagine why a woman and a man who have trouble conceiving would not consider adoption immediately. i have my little baby and could be pregnant again at any moment and yet, i look at adoption websites every week, looking forward and hoping for the moment when that will happen for me and my husband! a penny for your thoughts…


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